Educational books-toys

Две книжки из фетра и ткани

develops fine motor skills

great for imagination

helps to teach order and accuracy

Smart, useful, beautiful

and  unusual gift!


Page Wardrobe for Miracle Book
Page Bed for Miracle Book
Page Bathroom for Miracle Book


The clothes hang in the closet. There are different sets for girls and boys, with 5 pieces of clothing in each set.




In the evening the child goes to bed with his favorite toy, you can read him a bed-time story.




On this page we teach the child the rules of personal hygiene: they wash their faces and brush their teeth.



Page Breakfast for Miracle Book
Page Trainers for Miracle Book
Page A Girl's Face for Miracle Book


Here we learn how to use a fork and a knife. Also we can play a game "edible-inedible".




Here — how to tie one’s shoe laces. Laces are thin, especially for small children's fingers.



A girl's face

Learning to make braids. You can create different hair styles and try on a variety of necklaces.



Page A Boy's Face for Miracle Book
Page Garden for Miracle Book
Page Laundry for Miracle Book

A boy's face

A boy can try on a beard, moustache and a variety of headdresses.





We are collecting the harvest, learning where different fruit and vegetables grow, and learning to count.




If your clothes are dirty, you will need to wash them. There are different sets of clothes for boys and girls.



Page Frog for Miracle Book
Page Clock for Miracle Book
Page Flowers for Miracle Book


A frog is catching flies with its magnetic tongue.





The bells are ringing, the clock hands  are spinning. We can try to learn how to tell the time or at least learn numbers.




If you water the flowers, the poppy comes into bloom, a tulip opens up, a small sunflower will grow.



Page Space for Miracle Book
Page Labyrinth for Miracle Book
Page House for Miracle Book


A rocket is travelling around different planets and stars. We can learn different shapes and learn to count.




A cat, a dogs and a bird are looking for their food. You can  create a new labyrinth every time.




We learn different shapes: a circle, a square, a triangle. In the end, we build a house and a dog-house.



Page Tic-tac-toe for Miracle Book
Page Peacock for Miracle Book
Page Puzzle for Miracle Book


A traditional, but a never-aging game. You can create new combinations every time.




We learn different colours of the rainbow and letters at the same time.





The puzzle is difficult. At first you can change 4 or even 2 fragments.




Page Sea for Miracle Book
Page Leaves for Miracle Book
Page Traffic Lights for Miracle Book


We catch fish, octopus and pearl with a rod, study sea creatures and tell different stories about the sea.




We walk around the forest looking for berries and mushrooms. But you might come across an amanita or a snail.



Traffic lights

We learn traffic rules. When the red light comes on – the cars drive; when the green light comes on – we walk.



What's good about the Miracle Book?


Great at developing fine motor skills as well as imagination and a sense of beauty!


Everyone knows that learning happens best through play. Brushing teeth, tying shoe laces, how pieces of cutlery should be put around the plate and much more - all of this is on the pages of the book.


Each page of the book is interactive - the child can pull, stroke and play with each element.


Children are very fond of stories about themselves, and with the help of this book their wonderful parents will be able to tell children fun and informative stories about themselves.


We make the little figure in the book have the same hair and eye-colour as your child.


The book is made of cotton fabrics and felt, and is ecologically safe for children.


Excellent quality of materials and workmanship.


The book has a variety of subjects from life, which is interesting to talk with the child.


One book - 20 games, including role, story and logic games.


There are ready-made books. Or  you can make an individual order.

Precautions: adult control is required, the book contains small parts.

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